Casa de Sonshine Assisted Living Home

We give care because we care

What is an Adult Care Home?

Homes are located in residential neighborhoods, and are the preferred living arrangement of most elderly who can no longer live independently.  The cost is about half as much as a nursing home and the care is much more individualized.  Adult Care Homes provide daily assistance with personal care and other needs.  Home-cooked meals are served in a family-like setting and medications are monitored for safe use as ordered by the residents' doctor. 


Bella - Casa's Mascot


Casa de Sonshine

It is the goal of Casa de Sonshine Assisted Living Home to make the lives of their residents wholesome and enjoyable.  A safe, healthy and socially enriching environment is the key to maximizing the potential of each resident.   Casa de Sonshine is located on 1 acre in beautiful Green Valley, Arizona, with a lovely view of the Santa Rita Mountains. 

                    Casa de Sonshine

                   2005 - View from patio

   2007 - View from patio --Houses, houses, houses!

A foggy morning with the mountains in the background



Contact Bonnie Williams or Alisha Jessie for further information at (520) 393-1752


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